• MISSION_icon

Our mission statement describes our meaning of existence and the values we provide to society.

Delivering the "Convenience", "Genuine Pleasure" and "Trust & Safety" required by society, all over the world

Our mission is to deliver the values of “Convenience”, “Genuine Pleasure”, “Trust and Safety” to the wider society, even in these changing times.
In our role as a manufacturer, we have planned, developed and produced top quality products, and have provided value to customers through distributing stationery and stamp products.
We will work more closely with our users and provide the kind of products and services required by society, with complete confidence and conviction – all over the world.

  • VISION_icon

Our vision statement describes how Shachihata will achieve in the medium term.

We provide "the value of the sign" to meet the expectations of our users, and continue to create new markets

We want to continue to provide “the value of the sign” in both the analogue and digital realms.
We need to change how we provide value, as society changes at an increasingly rapid rate as user lifestyles, preferences and sensitivities become more diverse.
As we look forward to the next 100 years, we will expand what ‘’the value of the sign’’ means as we continue to meet the expectations of our users, build new pillars of business and create new markets.

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Our values represent concepts and criteria for decision making valued by each employee.


We are always very aware that we are supported by stakeholders and we will always show our gratitude through our actions.

User’s Perspective

We always act from the user’s point of view in order live up to their trust and expectations.


We continue to challenge ourselves without fear of failure, learn from our process and results and apply what we have learnt toward future efforts.


We value actions based upon our ideas and decisions.


We recognise differences in individual values, and value feelings of mutual respect.