Message from the President

  • Masayoshi Funahashi President

Since its establishment in 1925, Shachihata has delivered products and services that respond to the changing needs of the times. The celebration of our ninetieth anniversary in 2015 provided an occasion to reexamine our corporate culture and set down a new vision to guide us into the future. Our new corporate philosophy, Serving worldwide customers through future products realizing “Convenience” , “Genuine Pleasure” and “Trust & Safety” symbolizes our renewed commitment to anticipating customer needs and making Shachihata’s outstanding products and services available to customers around the world. As a company that has won the trust of its customers and society, Shachihata, with the dedication and passion of its employees, will build on the know-how acquired over the years and carve out new paths around its core operations of writing, transmission, and document authorization. You can count on Shachihata to take up the challenge of new products that go beyond conventional thinking!