Message from the President

  • Masayoshi Funahashi President

In recent years, society has changed at an astounding pace. So too has the way in which we live our lives. Business models and services are growing more diverse.

In this time of major change, Shachihata has defined a corporate philosophy of “delivering the ‘Convenience’, ‘Genuine Pleasure’ and ‘Trust & Safety’ required by society, all over the world”.

In order to change with our changing business environment, we continue to grow into new fields outside of stamp products for office use, such as digital stamps in the IT field.

Shachihata will celebrate 100 years of operation in 2025. As we face our next century of business, we will work closely with our users to provide “the value of the sign” required by society in both the analogue and digital realms, in order to continue to always meet the expectations of our users.