In offices, factories, and homes - that's where you'll find Shachihata.
Dependable quality is why we're loved.

Shachihata products are appreciated in offices and a variety of other settings around the world.The reasons why are not just convenience and ease of use, but also dependable quality that you can count on.


Writing and drawing have never been more exciting and fun than with Artline products. The outstanding permanent markers boast vivid colours and are acclaimed by users around the globe.


The Xstamper pre-inked rubber stamps do away with the need to ink after each impression so that documents can be stamped in quick succession. The Name Seals are so popular that “Shachihata” is now synonymous with pre-inked personal seals.


TAT indelible ink can be used for making impressions on glass, metal, and other non-porous surfaces. TAT stamp pads and TAT stamps are used for a wide range of purposes in various industrial settings, including the stamping of item codes, sizes, and inspection status.

More innovation from Shachihata.
From situations that spark new ideas.

Product Planning Team

The team members visit overseas markets together with the sales team and hold candid discussions that cut across job categories and standpoints about what they have seen and experienced, thus creating the starting point for product planning. We ground our concepts on the user's point of view, never losing sight of the crisis-mode thought that products created solely to suit the convenience of the manufacturer get weeded out.

Overseas Sales Team

The stance of our overseas sales team is to actively approach our customers throughout the world instead of waiting for them to come to us. The team traverses the globe to collect data, visiting dealers and occasionally even customers to exchange information. The team also turn an ear to the direct voice of customers at trade fairs held in locations all over the world.