If I get ink on my clothing, how do I get it out?
You should be able to almost completely remove the ink if you immediately wash the stain, rubbing it repeatedly using an alkaline washing detergent (or a bar of alkaline soap). Traces of the stain may remain, however, depending on the type of fabric and the amount of ink spilled. Please be aware that it is also usually difficult to remove stains that have been sitting for a while.
What should be done if I get ink in my eye (or mouth)?
If you get ink in your eye, immediately rinse it out with water. In extreme cases, you should consult a doctor.
After refilling the X-Stamper with ink, some ink leaked out around the edges. How do I fix the problem or clean it out?
Leaks are a result of the following problems.
(1) It has been filled with too much ink.
(2) The rubber has become clogged.
Note: There are a number of ways the rubber can get clogged — for example, from paper particles or from extended use.
Sometimes clogging can be fixed. Take it to the store where you purchased it to fix clogging. Customers cannot perform the necessary repairs or cleaning by themselves.
Can I change the color of the ink in the X-Stamper?
Since it is impossible to completely remove all ink from inside the rubber, the color cannot be changed.