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Collaborative event with 3 fashion brands in Tokyo

September 2023


From September 1st to 3rd, 2023, a three-day event took place at B-Flat COMMUNE in Shibuya, Tokyo, featuring an exhibition of unique shirts created in collaboration with Japanese fashion brands "STOF," "bedsidedrama," and "BODYSONG."

With the aim of passing on the enjoyment of craftwork and design to the new generation, we showcased original collaborative shirts with three fashion brands: "STOF," "bedsidedrama," and "BODYSONG."
We also provided a special photo spot for commemorative pictures during this collaboration.
Furthermore, visitors had the opportunity to colour our specially designed venue-exclusive fabric badges using Artline SHIRT MARKER.

Artline SHIRT MARKER is well-known for its performance overseas and is suitable for drawing illustrations and colouring on items like T-shirts and fabric bags, with minimal smudging.
It also offers excellent water and light resistance, and when heat-set at a moderate temperature after drying, it enhances wash resistance.