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  • 3 new ink colours of Artline DRAWING SYSTEM released

3 new ink colours of Artline DRAWING SYSTEM released

January 2024

New item

  • main banner image of Artline DRAWING SYSTEM 3 new colours

Artline DRAWING SYSTEM now welcomes 3 nuanced colours, SEPIA, PALE BROWN, and GREY with 8 nib sizes.

  • A hand drawing illustrations on a sketch book  with Artline DRAWING SYSTEM pen

  • Line up of 3 ink colours & 8 writing widths

Artline DRAWING SYSTEM has been chosen worldwide for many years, owing to its highly waterproof ink and a rich variety of pen nibs. The new colours are suitble for underlining and outlining when drawing illustrations.

  • Drawing colour sample of SEPIA

  • Drawing colour sample of PALE BROWN

  • Drawing colour sample of GREY

When layering water colours over the written lines, the colours have less prominence compared to black ink, enhancing the overall colouring effect. In sketching applications, they also allow for the representation of textures and softness in buildings and living creatures.