Artline SUPREME series makes your mark with a wide range of colours, comfortable barrels and superior ink quality that delivers a SUPREME writing experience.
Since the series launched in 2016, it has sold over 31 million pcs in more than 50 countries around the world. (As of February 2022)

Here, we recommend Artline SUPREME SUPER FINE BODY Series.
They have a wider range of ink colours, and the water-based ink is perfect for colouring.
A variety of sets are also available.

What is Coloriage?

Coloriage means "colouring" in French. Everyone from children to adults can enjoy Coloriage.
In Coloriage, you can freely colour in detailed illustrations such as plants, animals, and geometric patterns.

There are no rules for colour scheme, just whichever colours you choose.

Concentrating on colouring can refresh you mind and may balance your autonomic nervous system.

Tips for Coloriage


Choose a main colour & 4-5 more in balance!

First, choose a main colour to set the mood. Once you have decided, choose about 4 or 5 different colours that will work well together. Sometimes the colour can look different from what you expected. If you are concerned about this, try the pen out on a piece of paper first.


Dare to add colours that may not match!

You can add random colours that are a little off from your initial choice. It will make it more interesting.


Leave some white space!

You don't have to fill in all areas, just leave some areas unpainted to give a rough and stylish finish!
Paint as your senses dictate for a finish with light, water droplets, and a sense of vibrancy.


Add gradation as you like!

While looking at your whole picture, add gradation to the areas where you think something is missing to make the finished piece look better.
For a more harmonious colour scheme, you can select the gradation colour from the colours you have used before.

Take it easy and
have fun !

You don't have to colour the whole image, and you do not need to follow the painted samples.
You are free to stop at any point or to add your own illustrations.
The most important thing is that you enjoy colouring!

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