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Environmental Policy

Environmental Charter

As an enterprise that enriches people’s daily lives and culture, Shachihata regards environmental preservation as a corporate responsibility and is dedicated to the realization of a low-carbon society. It also seeks to provide environmentally friendly products and services with a low impact on the environment in line with its basic philosophy of balancing the needs of the environment with corporate activities.

Guiding Principles

  • (1) We shall seek to create products that enrich people’s lives and culture and find the optimal way to manufacture them from the standpoint of the preservation of the global environment.
  • (2) We shall make our environmental activities a management priority and encourage all employees to do their utmost to support these efforts.
  • (3) We shall set our own standards for eco action and take steps to prevent the further destruction of the environment, in addition to adhering to relevant laws, regulations and other requirements.
  • (4) We shall undertake periodic reviews of our environmental practices in addition to setting our own goals and standards in the aim of sustaining the progress made in preserving the environment.
  • (5) Steps shall be taken to make our environment policies known not only to all employees but the general public as well in the goal of cultivating a shared understanding among all employees.

Shachihata Environmental Initiatives: Changing What We Can Around Us

Shachihata Environmental Initiatives: Changing What We Can Around Us

Our products are safe and non-toxic.

Shachihata complies with various foreign regulations in the development, procurement, and manufacture of materials and products to ensure that they are safe for people and the environment.