Products and Brands

Shachihata maintains high quality in all its products.

Shachihata creates products in five brand patterns that are user-friendly and environmentally safe,including stamping products, Xstamper preinked stamps, and Artline writing instruments and stationery products.
We are enriching culture by offering products of value for day-to-day living.


Artline stationery products are writing instruments in vivid colors that feel great to use and show the care of their user. A wide range of products and colors are available for every purpose. We continue to develop products that are even more attractive and enjoyable to use.


The Xstamper brand consists of preinked rubber stamps that require no stamp pads. The Name Stamp, in particular, has proved to be a perennial long seller since it was first introduced. Various Xstamper products, including a newly developed line of ergonomic products, assures an expanded range of convenience to users.

TAT indelible stamp pads and TAT stamps are for multi-purpose stamping applications for all kinds of industrial works. TAT ink conforms to various restrictions and safe for people and the environment.