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Eco-friendly Manufacturing Systems

Shachihata’s main plant in Inazawa has instituted a variety of eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

(1) Zero emissions

Ink solvent recovery system

Ink solvent recovery system Ink solvent recovery system

The ink manufacturing process is totally computerized. The solvent used to rinse out the ink tank is distilled in the solvent recovery unit and used again later.

Waste water regeneration system

Wastewater regenerating system Ink solvent recovery system

Large volumes of salt water are generated when rubber for the Xstamper undergoes chemical treatment. This waste water is thoroughly filtered and purified for reuse in the plant.

(2) Resource saving

Internal recycling of plastic parts

Ink solvent recovery system Internal recycling of plastic parts

Plastic parts that are rejected or discarded in the manufacturing process are recycled into new parts to reduce factory waste.

Cogeneration system

Wastewater regenerating system Industrial power plant

The plant has its own power generation system whose heat is also used effectively. The system reduces CO2 emission by minimizing heat and transmission loss.

(3) ISO14001

Shachihata has acquired ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environment management systems, to further enhance customer satisfaction and the reliability of our products.